Guide to Singapore:

In a Singapore shopping mall or within a 1km radius to anywhere, there is bound to be a hawker centre, restaurant or cafe. This makes it nearly impossible to find out which food is good to eat or not. Sure, you may look at Burpple or TripAdvisor, but it usually gives you the one that are already famous.  So what if you want to travel the road-less-travelled for food when you’re visiting Singapore? How if you don’t want to eat Tian Tian Chicken Rice or Katong Laksa? Well, this is where comes in handy.

The nifty food site is neat and visually appealing, and gives great reviews on the food scene in Singapore. They also list out what dishes to order and its pricing, making it easy to know if the place fits your budget. I hate it when I read reviews, and there are no price, as I never know if I can afford it or not. Plus, they use really great images too, so I can know what I’m going to eat before I reach there.

Plus, they also list out areas base on the the location. Whether it’s the neighbourhood like Bedok to the more Tourist attraction spots like Orchard Road and Sentosa, got it covered. They also do an honest opinion on how the food taste, and describes the taste of each place perfectly.

I like how I can easily find a guide base on my mood too. From a special date night with my bae to finding a family-friendly restaurant for my siblings, I can find it from the website. They have many categories and angles, so even when I don’t know what I’m craving, a visit to this Singapore website on food helps me decide!

So if you’re finding where to eat in Singapore, and which hawker centre stalls to visit ,perhaps give a try! They also do top picks on stalls to visit for specific food courts and kopitiam in Singapore too! It really is a handy website to have bookmark on your phone when you’re travelling to Southeast Asia.