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Factors that Determine a Smooth Cab Ride

Cabs are the convenient modes of transport, more so in big cities and new places. But you may find it to be unpleasant, as per several factors. There are so many people afraid of hailing a cab, and with good reason. It is refreshing to learn there are good cabs out there. You only need to know what to look for in them.
As a quick rule, there are a few things you need to be keen on the first time you consider a cab service. Look at their licensing, and whether they are authorized to offer their specific services. It is important to check their reputation then. You need to also be keen on their list of services. Services such as airport transfers make sense in later situations. Check their pricing. Some of them tend to charge exorbitant rates.
In case you were in a rush, there are things you can do to keep it a pleasant ride. You can confirm with tour colleagues about the fares charged in the area by a given cab service. You will learn about their prices and tipping ranges. It is one way of preventing being overcharged. Check with the driver about that rate before the ride starts.
You then need to call for a cab instead of hailing one. Hailing is how you give potential thugs a chance to harm you. They tend to tell another person in the area about what valuables you have, for them to pounce on you later. By calling for one, there will be a sense of accountability from the driver as you can easily trace them later.
If you are drunk and alone, do not use a taxi. You should not drink and drive, but instead have someone travel with you. Anything less and it becomes easier to harm you. You hear stories of people being overcharged, while others have been harmed or even killed.
It is good practice you always use the back seat. The back seat ensures you are not easily seen by the driver or pedestrians. The driver cannot reach you easily to harm you since they need to concentrate on driving.
It helps to be extra vigilant in your environment. Observe to see if there is a radio for taking calls from the dispatchers, and a meter for calculating the fare. Anything less, and you should wait for another cab. Confirm that the interior door handle works. If it does not, you will be in the most vulnerable position. If you find another person in the cab who is not driving, do not get into it. Do not agree to any reason, no matter how seemingly genuine.
There are more strategies you can use to keep that ride safe. You can check them out on this site.

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