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Know your Rights in Online Harassment Cases

A lot of our activities are centered on the internet these days. You can see this in the amount of socializing we do online than in real life. This is why practicing proper online etiquette is an important thing. Meeting with others online needs you to choose your words carefully, and to understand what they are saying clearly.
There is a lot of online harassment happening these days. By now you have come across terms like cyberbullying or cyber-stalking. These are words describing everything that is wrong with malicious attacks on innocent people online. Examples are the attacks on minors called cyberbullying or the more sexual oriented attacks known as cyber-stalking.
You will note that different countries shall treat harassment cases in different ways. Some countries seem to vary the most cases of harassment among their citizens. The common factor with such countries is their large population, with many users online among them. There have been laws made to ensure that such a trend does not persist over time. There was the sectioning off of those offenses as either compoundable, or non-compoundable. We can compare these two sections. Compoundable offences are less grievous and do not extend beyond a person. They rarely see the inside of a courtroom when it comes to resolution. Non-compoundable offenses, on the other hand, are grievous and can affect more than the individual. There is no chance of settling it out of court. There has to be a fill trial in place to resolve it.
There is a tendency for women to suffer most of the harassment incidences. They should thus know more about the online harassment laws, and the right protecting them. They shall discover more about those laws that cover their rights here. Apart from the women in those densely populated and actively participating internet users, individuals from other regions also need to take note of the laws protecting them. There are more and more cases of online harassments and attacks being reported in the world over.
Apart from the law, there are certain practices that can make your time online much safer and less stressful. You need to, first of all, have an antivirus up and running to keep your privacy online secure. You then need to use passwords for all sites you visit. The ability to block a user on social media shall help you deal with anyone stalking you. You can also be much safer when you update your computer and browser privacy settings. Try and make online friends with people you know in person.
You will find these steps to be simple to follow, yet effective in their impact. When you have a better grasp of the situation, it will no longer be such a scary thing to deal with.